The 19th Annual PMCT Student Citizen Awards was held on May 4th, 2015 at the Saxton Middle School auditorium. After the Presentation of Colors by the P-M Air Force JROTC, PMCT president Beth Warnken welcomed the students, parents, teachers and staff present and was joined by Kathleen Murphy, chairperson of the event. Dr. Michael Hynes, Superintendent of the Pat-Med School District, also addressed the audience. PMCT members Brian Reich (Music) & Christy Reinert (English) performed "Love is an Open Door" and "Let it Go" from Disney's, award winning motion picture, Frozen. The Eva Davis Memorial Award, presented by Maria Grimaldi, awarded a $50 gift certificate in memory of Eva Davis, a reading teacher for many years in the P-M school district, to each of the three recipients. Elementary, departmental and grade level awards were distributed to students as beaming parents applauded all of them. The three seniors awarded with the grade level award also received $500 scholarships in honor of Dan Galinson a long time PMCT lawyer as well as $350 scholarships from the PMRE (Patchogue-Medford Retired Educators). So many members of PMCT contributed to this successful evening. A sincere thank you goes out to the Building Chairs and the Committee Chairs for their hard work in making this evening a success. The entire membership of the PMCT congratulates all recipients and their families for a job well done in their respective schools. Below is a list of all the elementary and secondary Student Citizen Award Winners. Congratulations to all!!

Below is a list of all the elementary and secondary Student Citizen Award Winners. Congratulations to all!!

19th Annual Student Citizen Award Winners				

Barton Elementary
Pre K - Caitlin Oliver
Kindergarten - Gabriella Romero
1st grade - Kiersten Schafer
2nd grade - Erik Murillo
3rd grade - Matteo Martinez
4th grade - Tori Zaun
5th grade - Leanne Costigliola

Bay Elementary

Kindergarten - Ervin Rodriguez
1st grade - Maddie Mulderig
2nd grade - Cristian Lopez
3rd grade - Dean Badamo
4th grade - Kimberly Gomez
5th grade - Gail Comiskey

Canaan Elementary

Pre K - Sofia Isabelle Feliciano
Kindergarten - Jaida Lee Heilman
1st grade - Ashley DiLorenzo
2nd grade - Zoe Eve Kladias
3rd grade - Emily Abbruzzese
4th grade - Raheem Mack
5th grade - Daniel Quinteros Tenorio

Eagle Elementary

Pre K - Lucas Rendon
Kindergarten - John Markey
1st grade - Brianna Palladino
2nd grade - Marcus G. Winn
3rd grade - Hope Lynch
4th grade - Mahirah Morshed
5th grade - Kenneth Wong

Medford Elementary

Kindergarten - Katheryn Polley
1st grade - Olivia Kauffman
2nd grade - Martha Emily Soto-Galeas
3rd grade - Carter John Heuer
4th grade - Marcos Fajardo
5th grade - Jessica Tiniganay

River Elementary

Kindergarten - James - Putney
1st grade - Luke Frank Kropf
2nd grade - Mara Jade Phelan
3rd grade - Ingrid O. Chavez Blanco
4th grade - Aydan J. Ashby
5th grade - Mahi Patel

Tremont Elementary

Pre K - Owen Dillon
Kindergarten - Sophia Rose Yondola
1st grade - Joshua Jaipersaud
2nd grade - Nixon Argueta
3rd grade - Carlo Gaetano Costigliola
4th grade - Hairo Iniguez
5th grade - Matthew Bacon

Oregon Middle School

6th grade - Madison Frascogna
7th grade - Caitlin Dellecave
8th grade - Ronald J. Lospenuso, III
Art - Alexus C. Seeger
English - Leanna Franco
ESL - Johnson Chan
Health - Paul Osheske
Home & Careers - Rumeysa Durdu
LOTE/Foreign Langauge - Naomi Kieu Nguyen
Math - Justin Moustouka
Music - Samantha DeSantis
Physical Education - Frank J. Mejia
Science - Shay Steuart
Social Studies - Juliana Wright
Technology - Melanie McClinchey

Saxton Middle School

6th grade - Emily Rose Martin
7th grade - Jianna Estevez
8th grade - Stephen Galvin
Art - Kayla Marie Martin
English - Anson Y. Zhou
ESL - Hainer Aldair Amaya
Health - Joseph Dorio
Home & Careers - Annalise Ilg
LOTE/Foreign Language - Paul P. Morabito, III
Math - Christopher Pierse
Music - Aaron Pierce Boothe
Physical Education - Sean Long		
Science - Justin T. Zhou
Social Studies - Ishika Patel
Technology - Justin C. Owen

South Ocean Middle School

6th grade - Alex Albrecht
7th grade - Emma Remien
8th grade - Nolan James Crean
Art - Olivia Delis Lipponer
English - Quinn Bobal
ESL - Ana Iniguez
Health - Ismael Lucero
Home & Careers - Jordan E. Brooks
LOTE/Foreign Language - Eric Llivicura
Music - Anna Quatrale
Physical Education - Luis Reyes
Science - Marvina Baslious
Social Studies - Peter Knopp
Technology - Anthony Vincent Guarino

Pat-Med High School

9th grade - Lindsey Decatrel
9th grade - Anthony M. Donnadio
9th grade - Brooke Alexis Shellman
10th grade - Owen Michael Boothe
10th grade - Edward E. O'Connor
10th grade - Dayana Tacuri
11th grade - Cora Cheung
11th grade - Daniel Bradley Marzagalli
11th grade - Taylor Nicole Shellman
12th grade - Richard Ciufo
12th grade - Brianna Lawrence
12th grade - Anthony Joshua Isaiah Wallen
Art - Delaney R. Cone
Business - Stephanie - Gawiak
English - Sarah - Tully
ESL - Monica P. Tigre Ullaguari
Health - Brandon D'Onofrio
LOTE/Foreign Language - Pariseenia Ford
Math - Anastasia Salnikova
Music - Kyle Edward Sweezy
Physical Education - Liam Roche
ROTC - Samantha Schwartz
Science - Ryan C. Lupia
Social Studies - Jordan Elizabeth Dundas
Technology - Matthew Baldwin
Elementary - Gianna Brooke Neidig
Middle School - Sophia Belle Spielman
High School - Andrew Wegmann

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